Testimonials from our amazing customers
We called and they came. It was freezing outside. We were hit with 1 degree weather. The pipes in our bathroom froze and burst the pipe under our bathroom floor. I called Karl's and even though they were swamped with calls they told me someone would be there first thing in the morning. They called me at 8:00am to tell me the plumber would be there in 15 minutes and he was right on time. Accessed the problem realized they had to rip up the floor to get to the pipes. The manager contacted me, we discussed the job, next morning they came and did all the work and repaired the pipes, added insulation patched the floor and it was done in one day. They then made arrangements to bring in a tile contractor to handle putting the tile flor back together. They came when they said they would, they followed up. Did an neat job quickly and at a reasonable price. Nowadays, you can't ask for more then that. Great job guys!
-Charles E.

Had an emergency water leak under kitchen sink needing pipe to be replaced Friendly and helpful on the phone Made a phone call Friday afternoon, guy was here within 30 minutes Replaced pipe and valve, everything was done within 2 hrs Would highly recommend
-Shar C.

Karls Plumbing is amazing! Since I moved into the area 3 years ago I always heard good things about them and their service. Since I have been calling them they have always showed up as promised. They repaired several plumbing issues such as my leaky shower and replacing my hot water tank and consistently performed above and beyond.​
-Tony H.

​Excellent and prompt service. We have a lot of respect for Karl's Plumbing they arrived on time and fixed the problem on the first visit. I will be recommending them to friends!​
-Martin H.

They've been my primary Plumbing company for over 20 years. Never had a problem and all their work is completely reliable and up to code.​
-Joseph C.
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