Why Karl's Plumbing & Heating?
Karl's Plumbing & Heating has been in business and serves NYC for over 75 years. We have received numerous awards for our excellent workmanship and superb performance. We are fully licensed by New York State for Backflow installation, repair, and testing. Karl's Plumbing & Heating meets and exceeds the industry standards having multiple Licensed Master Plumbers on the team combined with decades of hands on experience. Doing a simple search online will reveal that we have the reputation of being the specialists in NYC when it comes to Backflow Prevention. We can ensure that your Backflow Devices are in perfect compliance with DEP regulations saving you from very costly violations and/or loss of business. We even provide complimentary reminders for annual testing at no cost to you! You can trust us to effectively handle everything from design, installation, to annual testing. Karl's Plumbing & Heating provides backflow services in all five boroughs of New York City including Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island.
What are Backflow Preventers?
A backflow prevention device is used to protect city water supplies from outside contamination or pollution. These devices allow water to flow in only one direction, protecting the water supply from contamination that an end user may cause. In an unprotected system water flows both in and out of a building without constraint. If there is a pressure drop, contaminated water will be pulled backwards into the water system if not protected. Backflow prevention devices can be tested by a NYS licensed backflow tester, who examines various components such as double-check valves and reduced pressure zone devices to ensure proper function. Backflow Prevention Diagram
Recent Plumbing Code Changes in NYC and DEP Violations
Effective July 1, 2008, the first major change in over 40 years was added to the New York City Plumbing Code:
"New Code: PC 608.3- "All devices, appurtenances, appliances, and apparatus intended to serve some special functions, such as sterilization, distillation, processing, cooling, or storage of ice or foods, and that connect to the water supply system, shall be provided with protection against backflow and contamination of the water supply system." 608.13.2 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventors and 608.13.7- Double Check Valve assemblies. These devices shall be tested annually by a certified tester."
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