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Annual Boiler Inspections

Annual boiler inspections are done to prevent potential problems with boilers. At Karl’s Plumbing we check to make sure everything is inspected according to the NYC DOB code as well as applicable inspections required by other areas. Being in compliance is very important and can result in fines and put your safety at risk if not done in a timely fashion. You can see all the services related to boilers here.

The following boilers must be inspected & file a report with the
NYC Department of Buildings annually:

  • Low pressure boilers in residential buildings with 6 or more
  • Low pressure boilers in mixed‐used buildings
  • Mixed‐use building have both commercial & residential units
  • Low pressure boilers in commercial buildings
  • H‐stamp domestic hot water heaters with over 350,000 BTUs
    in residential, mixed‐used & commercial buildings

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