Water & Sewer Line Repair and Replacement
Karl's Plumbing & Heating does more than just clear out your drains, we can repair or replace water and sewer lines.
Toilet, Faucet and Fixture Repair, Rebuilding and Installation
For over 75 years, Karl's Plumbing & Heating has been installing and repairing commercial toilets, fixtures, and faucets. We use the highest quality parts available to ensure proper performance and reliability.
Water Heaters
Karl's Plumbing & Heating offers expert repair and installation of commercial size water heaters. Inquire about our annual inspections or customized service agreements to give your business the utmost reliability.
Why Karl's Plumbing & Heating?
We are specialists commercial and residential plumbing and heating services in New York City. They don't call us the trusted name in plumbing for nothing!
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